Esports arena opened in Istanbul

Ininal Esports Arena, the largest esports venue in the Europe and Middle East region, opened recently in Istanbul, Turkey.

The venue covers 3,800m2 and has a capacity of 1,600 people with the ability to host tournaments with 100 players on the same stage.

Ininal Esports Arena, which gathers players, game companies, publishers, social media influencers and brands under one roof, will become a platform for players and content creators to watch and participate in tournaments.

It has a 70m2 LED screen with 4K resolution, broadcast room and studios, team and referee rooms, a VIP lounge, seminar and meeting rooms, and dedicated areas for publishers and social media influencers.

It has a huge gaming centre with 80 gaming computers and 850m2 of experience areas allowing brands to contact directly with visitors.

The Founding President of Turkey Esports Federation (TESFED) Alper Afşin Özdemir and ininal CEO Ömer Suner made speeches at the opening event last month.

Özdemir said:

" A few years ago, we were dealing with questions such as ‘what is esports, is it considered as a sport or does it have a future.’"

" Now, in our country, we see that such esports-specific centres are opening, and brands like ininal are sponsoring these facilities. We are happy to open such a facility with the attendance of a large crowd, and the media. I hope the young generation attending the event in this facility here will carry our flag with pride in the world."

Suner added:

" Giving our name, ininal, to Turkey’s, Europe’s and the Middle East’s largest esports arena makes us extremely proud. ininal, since its establishment, has been the most admired and used payment method by the players in Turkey. In the arena, ininal will gather esports and games with its players. During the tournaments and events, we organize in the ininal Esports Arena, we will bring our users and followers together with esport stars. We are aiming to raise worldwide esports stars from this venue."

" By the tournaments to be held in the future esports players will have the opportunity to compete on the international level. Besides esports enthusiasts visiting the arena, we expect to reach more than 2 million gamers every year via the Twitch and YouTube broadcasts."