Marco Luigi Lucchino

eSports Writer & Venues Consultant eSport Management

The Milanese, Marco Luigi Lucchino, for some years has been moving towards the world of eSports, looking into what he can offer to these events, in terms of technology and business opportunities. This advancement came about after his contribution towards the management of sporting events such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix, Superbike competitions and Football championships. Gradually he specialised in the management of huge venues and structures open to the public. From the famous United Arab Emirates pavilion to the Milan EXPO; grand sport parks, for example, the Orio Center Winter Park in the Bergamo province (Italy). Involved in prestigious international eSports projects, he has utilised his long-standing experience in managing to actively contribute to the project management of eSports venues.

Esport Management provides full support about the design opportunities of eSports venues and the ways in which to manage them. After an analysis of the existing relationships between eSports and the venues dedicated to them, eSport Management defines project guidelines aimed at their specific functions, therefore identifying the possible configurations of areas in a dedicated eSports venue. Moreover, according to the economic-financial validation of the projects, eSport Management endeavour to share the most important processes and roles used in the management of an eSport venue.

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