Craig Skilling (moderator)

Lead Faculty - Sports, Entertainment & Event Management Johnson & Wales University

Craig "Pro Skills" Skilling Lead Faculty over the Sports, Entertainment & Event Management program at Johnson & Wales University is an award winning educator, speaker, event producer, consultant and industry influencer. As a dynamic speaker, Craig has traveled across the globe engaging diverse audiences with his charisma and positive vibes. As founder of the Influence(r) Brand and the Esports Skills Academy, Craig has been able to bring youth, teens and young adults together to recognize their own influence while separately teaching responsible gaming to campers through his Esports curriculum and special events. Notably Craig has toured with multiple named recognized musical talent and has been contracted in the past to staff and produce several Super Bowl events as while as consult on over ten NBA All-Star weekend events. Craig’s philanthropic efforts has paired professional sports with life skills basketball clinics for youth and teens in the Caribbean where he has also donated several outdoor basketball courts to underserved populations. As a minority educator of the year, award recipient, Craig “Pro Skills” Skilling continues to teach and mentor diverse sports, entertainment, and hospitality/business management students on being career ready from day one while building their personal brand. Craig is a family man who resides in south Florida and is a firm believer of the self-fulfilling prophecy and positive energy at all times!

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