Martin Wyatt

Head of UK Program Operations Esports Engine

As Esports continues to boom, my role is to define the strategic growth of our business within the games publisher and rights holder spaces. Understanding the needs and goals of major gaming businesses and global rights holders and helping them to define their strategies, build their business plans, activate and drive the desired results. Maximising commercial value on a mutually beneficial basis and delighting clients.

My Speaker Sessions

Monday, October 26

Session 2: An ever changing industry and the impacts on stadia business worldwide/esports community engagement
Erik Londre Tom Lynch Gavin Poole John Sheehan (moderator) Martin Wyatt


This session will look at the different trends in esports hosting from small scale venue hires through to using existing stadia and the emergence of a global model of franchising and the requirement to build ‘homesteads’ to drive local support.

Topics will also include how you can best ensure engagement with the esports community in your region and understand their requirements in terms of content and training facilities.



Monday , October 26, 15:30 - 16:30
Graham Ashton (moderator) Erik Londre