Martin Omes (moderator)

Operations Coordinator Gamers Outreach Foundation

An accomplished Operations Manager and Educator, with over 10 years expertise, and experience in development and management of gaming teams, tournaments, media and community outreach in successful high-profile, highly-active social media channels, with demonstrated success in project and team management, research, data management and strategic planning. From leading upcoming esports organizations such as Team Reciprocity, to organizing tournaments for top companies such as Dreamhack, Activision, 343 Industries, Blizzard, and more, Martin has had his feet planted in various aspects of the competitive esports scene and is currently working for Gfinity on some of their esports events.

My Speaker Sessions

Monday, October 26

Session 3B: Esports and the power of broadcast technologies to reach unlimited audiences
James Dean Mo Goyal Alex McBride Martin Omes (moderator) Cameron Reed Ursula Romero


An in-depth discussion on the critical importance of broadcast technology to reach a huge global audience and help unlock both commercial revenue through brand allegiance between viewers and teams and additional revenue from media broadcast partners.

The essential steps needed to ensure you can deliver the highest production values when creating and sharing live esports content will also be examined, including how connectivity is key!


Monday , October 26, 17:15 - 18:15
Albin Hübl Troy Dunniway