Mark Hempel

Head of Product Management IHSE

Mark Hempel is Head of Product Management at IHSE since 2017. As the link between customer/application requirements and product development, he ensures that current and future needs and technology trends are implemented in solutions around KVM technology in a market-driven, goal-oriented and timely manner.          

Prior to this, he worked for Black Box for almost 20 years, during which he gained customer-oriented technology and market experience in pre- and post-sales – starting as a support engineer – and subsequently, as the responsible product manager, successfully developed and used this experience to build up and expand the KVM portfolio there with the supplying technology partners.

He has not only witnessed the change from analog to digital signal transmission, but has also decisively driven and shaped it. His focus is not only on the technology as such, but rather on its use for the benefit of the application.

In the industry, the graduate electrical engineer is regarded as a mastermind and is held in high esteem by all manufacturers.

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