Why attend?

Esports is the fastest growing global live-entertainment sector. Now taking place for 2020 entirely online as a Virtual Event Week, the Esports Venue Summit is essential for anyone wanting a slice of the action!

Capitalising on the explosive growth in esports, the Esports Venue Summit from PanStadia & Arena Management and Stadia & Arena Events will inspire new ideas, connect new communities and generate exciting new business opportunities.

The event will help to connect end users such as senior sports and entertainment venue managers, operators, developers and municipal officials with companies involved in all aspects of venue design, operations and technology, from concept through to delivery.

No other industry event focuses solely on the venue. The Esports Venue Summit will offer a unique opportunity to learn about both current and emerging trends in the industry and to meet and network with key figures in the market.

Topics will include ‘the finance behind esports and opportunities for regional development’, ‘how best to engage with esports fans’, ‘showcasing the latest esports venue designs’, ‘key technology drivers in esports venue technology’ and ‘the economic benefits to a city of hosting esports events’. We’ll examine the different needs of team and individual esports, and esports training centres, while presenting plans for upcoming bespoke venues around the world.

The Virtual Event Week will feature:

  • Nine valuable and topical sessions
  • 'Chat' facility to pose your questions to the experts
  • Two LIVE Q&As with selected speakers and some new high profile guests to answer your questions from the various sessions plus live interaction with the audience
  • Live-streaming of other key sessions
  • 'NEW' for Thursday 29 October will be 'Session 10: Evolving trends in esports venue design' - a panel discussion featuring leading architects.
  • Replayable content
  • Free download of latest Esports Venues & Events supplement and Esports Buyers Guide
  • Downloadable material
  • Other speaker and sponsor videos where available