2020 Media Partners

  • Esports Press

    Esports Press is a media content creation and curation organisation for the esports industry. Our core content is written editorial, video and audio (podcasts). EP is a team of highly experienced individuals from the video games, esports and sports industries, including journalists, broadcast media & PR.

    The highlight feature on the Esports Press site is a free to use self-publishing tool for esports and gaming Press Releases & articles.

    Self-published content may then be distributed via EP’s own business network comprised of over 60,000 industry members and followers, including groups on Linkedin (50,000+ members) and social channels.

  • MEI

    MEI is a Management Consultancy who, for over 10 years have specialised in helping all organisations succeed in the global sports events market: from commercial companies, rights holders, government agencies to host organisations.

    Having identified a huge gap in the market in the late 2000s for a single point of contact model for event organisers and experienced, trusted event suppliers, MEI was formed to provide that interface service. With experience from every summer Olympic Games since Athens 2004 through to Rio 2016 and relationships with future Games in Tokyo 2020 and Paris 2024, the FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022, Winter Olympics in 2010, multiple Commonwealth Games and single sport World Cups, MEI is the only business of sport consultancy operating exclusively in major events planning, delivery and legacy.