Virtual Event Week Schedule 2020 (old version)

The Esports Venue Summit Virtual Week will provide four afternoons of thought provoking sessions with speakers and panellists from every aspect of the esports world represented, including tournament organisers, games publishers, team owners, players, esports property owners, esports venue operators, architects, investment bankers, leading industry bodies & associations, key technology suppliers and more.

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Day One: Monday 26 October 2020 sponsored by ES Broadcast


Welcome & Opening keynote: The emergence and continued growth of esports on a global level

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With a projected global audience of just under half a billion people by the end of 2020, the inexorable rise of esports shows no sign of slowing down.

Clear differences are emerging in terms of how the market is developing in different continents and during this session delegates will have the opportunity to listen to leading industry professionals share their opinions from both a regional and global perspective.


Speakers :
Chester King, CEO, British Esports Association Andy Fahey, Global Mobility Director & Esports Lead, PwC Koen Schobbers, Boardmember and Vice-Chair of the Athletes & Players Commission, Global Esports Federation Lale Ergin, Co-founder & CEO, ESA Esports


Session 2: An ever changing industry and the impacts on stadia business worldwide/esports community engagement

Session sponsored by

This session will look at the different trends in esports hosting from small scale venue hires through to using existing stadia and the emergence of a global model of franchising and the requirement to build ‘homesteads’ to drive local support.

Topics will also include how you can best ensure engagement with the esports community in your region and understand their requirements in terms of content and training facilities.


Speakers :
Erik Londre, Head of Events, Fnatic Tom Lynch, Director of Business Development, Europe, ASM Global Gavin Poole, CEO, Here East Martin Wyatt, Head of Partner Relationships, Gfinity


Session 3 Part 1: Beyond the Venue: Why getting your broadcast infrastructure right is essential for esports

The importance of broadcast tech to reach a huge audience for both commercial revenue through brand allegiance between viewers and teams and revenue from media broadcast partners.


Jonathan Lyth, Technical Director, ES Broadcast


Session 3 Part 2: Esports and the power of broadcast technologies to reach unlimited audiences

Session sponsored by

An in-depth discussion on the critical importance of broadcast technology to reach a huge global audience and help unlock both commercial revenue through brand allegiance between viewers and teams and additional revenue from media broadcast partners.

The essential steps needed to ensure you can deliver the highest production values when creating and sharing live esports content will also be examined, including how connectivity is key!



Speakers :
Andy Johnston, New Business Sales Director, PRG UK James Dean, Managing Director, ESL UK Alex McBride, Global Head of Esports, EGL TV Ursula Romero, Managing Director, International Sports Broadcasting (ISB) Cameron Reed, Esports Business Development Manager, Ross Video

Day Two: Tuesday 27 October 2020 sponsored by ISBTV


Session 4: Maximising fan engagement in esports venues and spaces – how to create an immersive and unforgettable experience

This session will examine the challenges that venue owners and operators face in ensuring media-savvy esports fans use their esports facilities on a regular basis. The use of innovative AV technology to maximise fan engagement is rapidly evolving as a key driver to achieve this.

Topics will also include how both Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are at the forefront of the battle for viewership and how they are increasingly being integrated into live esports events.


Speakers :
Stephen Hogg, Director, d&b audiotechnik Drew Townley, Kairos Esports, CEO Tatiana Zheltomirska, Lecturer for MBA in Esports, ISDE – Dreamhack


Session 5: Virtual solution showcase - Ideas and inspiration for your own esports event

A unique opportunity for attendees to listen to rapid fire presentations from 8 leading product and service suppliers from around the world, offering innovative ideas to maximise fan engagement and unlock revenue streams for your esports events.

featuring Elan Inventa, Disguise, HDT, Danley Sound Labs, Evertz Broadcast Technology & more




Speakers :
Chester King, CEO, British Esports Association Gavin Poole, CEO, Here East Drew Townley, Kairos Esports, CEO Jason Vanderground , Director of Marketing/Esports specialist , Irwin Seating Company

Day Three: Wednesday 28 October 2020 sponsored by Panasonic Business


Session 6: Global Projects Showcase – Esports hubs, technology and design

Session sponsored by

Leading innovation centres, design firms and technology suppliers will present in-depth case studies on their integral role in notable esports initiatives and projects from around the world and the lessons learnt for future developments.

Part One: Special Panel Discussion - Supporting the growth of esports
Gavin Poole, CEO, Here East
Jamie Hindhaugh, Chief Operating Officer, BT Sport
Chris Chaney, Founder & Managing Partner, C4+
Michael French, Games London (moderator)

Part Two: Presentation from Arup
(session sponsor, speaker TBC)

Part Three: Presentation from Panasonic
(platinum sponsor, speaker TBC)


Gavin Poole, CEO, Here East


Session 7: Venue Versatility – key requirements from a venue perspective to successfully host esports events

This session looks at how the rapid growth in esports is driving fundamental changes in the design and development of existing Stadia projects, multi-purpose entertainment venues and also mixed use development projects, all increasingly looking to include esports spaces as part of their offerings to visitors. Topics covered will include how these spaces need to be flexible, adaptable and innovative in order to thrive.


Speakers :
Andrew Haworth, Director of Operations & Production, Blast TV Ben Stuart, Associate, Heta Architects Ben Akroyd, Lead Consultant, Arena Consultancy Nicky Wightman, Director, Emerging Trends, Savills


Session 8: The merger of esports and traditional sports

With the current coronavirus pandemic decimating the sporting and events calendar, traditional sports are increasingly using virtual simulations to engage with their fans, further integrating esports into the mainstream sports industry. Many existing Stadium and Arenas are also examining how they can repurpose their spaces to accommodate live esports events.

During this session A panel of industry experts will discuss how traditional sports and stadia  are now integrating esports in to their fan experiences, examining synergies and differences between them as well as sharing their opinions on how this will develop further in the future.

Speakers :
Nikita Buffee, Head of Business Development & Partnerships, Allied Esports James Fraser-Murison (moderator), Director of Learning for the Creative Arts, Queen Mary's College Greg Merkel, Creative Director, ICRAVE Nick Sautner, Chief Executive Officer, The Eden Park Trust Seb Carmichael-Brown, Commercial Director and Co Founder, Hashtag United

Day Four: Thursday 29 October 2020 sponsored by AVIXA


Session 9: The finance behind esports and opportunities for regional development, how esports venues can thrive post lockdown

This session will look at how the financing behind esports is evolving as more groups and investors recognise the opportunity that esports real estate brings.

Panellists will also share their insights regarding the key link between esports commercialisation and physical locations and how this varies around the globe, plus the different financial models being applied to recently commissioned real estate ventures.

Speakers :
John Fazio, Founder / CEO, Nerd Street Gamers Chris Kissack, Head of esports, Isle of Man Government Ben Stuart, Associate, Heta Architects Boris Bergerot, Founder & President, Stakrn Group


Session 10: Evolving trends in esports venue design (panel discussion)



Session sponsored by

Speakers :
John Fazio, Founder / CEO, Nerd Street Gamers Andrew Haworth, Director of Operations & Production, Blast TV Dr Marc Williams, Global Scholar Practitioner / Commissioner, Florida Memorial University / HBCU esports League